Carbon Emissions Calculator

The Annual Carbon Emissions (ACE) calculator, designed by CATALYST Ltd, is a simple tool to help businesses and households estimate their greenhouse gas emissions. It’s free to use.

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Calculating your emissions is an important first step in reducing your carbon footprint since you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Read our resource sheet to find out more: Calculate and lower your carbon emissions. 

Use the Climate Action Toolbox to help reduce your emissions.

Complete the form below to download the ACE Carbon Calculator (2021 version).  

To download the file you will be asked for your contact details and email address. This is necessary to allow Catalyst to update you whenever new versions of the calculator are released.

For a more detailed description of ACE and the calculation of emission factors visit the CATALYST website.

Have ACE customised to your requirements

We recognise that “one size doesn’t fit all” and that every business will have different circumstances. If you would like the calculator customised to your requirements please contact CATALYST, they are happy to help.


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