About the Sustainable Business Network

The Sustainable Business Network is a membership-based social enterprise that helps business succeed through sustainability. We have a vision: to make NZ a model sustainable nation.

SBN Vision - Transformation AreasTo realise our vision we help our members succeed in four areas we believe are critical for New Zealand :
Renewables – enabling the use of renewable energy
Community – building thriving communities
Mega efficiency – maximising the use of all resources
Restorative – enhancing NZ’s natural capital.


SBN Activities ProjectsWe carry out activities and projects around NZ and online which are aligned with these four areas. Combined they increase the collective impact of our work.




Every business has a role to play in this transformation. SBN members are charting a path to profit we can be proud of – profit that benefits communities, employees and our natural environment as well as shareholders.





You’ll be able to access practical support, collaborate and learn, profile your stories and connect with others.




Together we can build a better business future for NZ. Join us.

Background – the SBN story.

The Sustainable Business Network is a membership-based social enterprise, made up of businesses, governmental agencies and organisations located across New Zealand. It was established by founder and CEO Rachel Brown in 2002 with the vision to make New Zealand the model sustainable nation for the world.

SBN has grown to become a leading voice in New Zealand business and media, trusted and respected by corporate CEOs, trailblazing innovators, NGOs and political leaders alike.

We work with members, helping them to succeed sustainably and to progress their role towards contributing to New Zealand being a model sustainable nation.

We encourage members to actively participate; to be bold, leading their sectors with innovative business models; and to reshape profit to include wider definitions than simply financial.

Read our purpose here or Contact us to find out more about joining SBN.