Collaborative projects are vital to the work of the Sustainable Business Network. They are one of the key ways we make the world a better place.

We bring key players together to work on projects and find solutions to issues that can’t be solved alone. Working together, we can make shift happen.

Our three focus areas are:

Climate Change

Climate change is the biggest issue facing the planet today. Business has a major role to play in transitioning Aotearoa to a net zero carbon economy by 2050. More urgently, we need to make substantial progress towards that goal by 2030. Consumers and investors have rising expectations. This is a major opportunity for businesses. Many are taking climate action but there are barriers, especially for our smaller businesses. This is where our Climate Action 20/25 programme comes in.

Our climate projects are:

Climate Action 20/25

Accelerating climate action for New Zealand’s SMEs. Find out more.


The low carbon circular economy offers a truly sustainable alternative to the dominant economic model of ‘take, make and waste’. In a circular economy resources are never abandoned to become waste. Products are designed to be safe and easy to manage in cycles of production and reproduction. By minimising the use of new resources, the circular economy reduces our impact on climate.

SBN’s circular economy projects are designed to speed up this inevitable and necessary transition for New Zealand. Find out more about the circular economy and our three circular economy projects:

Our waste projects are:

Plastic Packaging

A programme of advice, support and events to help businesses eliminate problematic and unnecessary packaging. Find out more.

Product Stewardship

A campaign to radically increase the number of voluntary ‘product take back’ schemes in New Zealand. Find out more.

Good Food

The Good Food Boost is a free mentoring programme in Auckland and Wellington that provides support and guidance to give good food businesses a boost. Find out more.

Wellington Food Forums are a series of events to increase food sustainability and resilience in the Wellington region. Find out more.


Our waterways and seas are in crisis. Most of our lowland rivers are so polluted they’re not safe to swim in. And the native fish and invertebrates that rely on these waterways for habitat struggle to survive. Climate change is making the situation worse. Heavier rainfall is increasing erosion of riverbanks leading to more sediment entering the water. In other areas, drought conditions mean water temperatures are warmer than normal, degrading freshwater habitat. Meanwhile pollution flowing from the land and activities on and under the water are making our oceans sick. SBN is working with business and communities to turn this around.

Our nature projects are:

Million Metres

A mission to restore New Zealand’s rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands. Our goal is to plant a million metres of waterways with native plants and trees. Find out more.

Our Gulf project

A mission to protect and restore the mauri, the life-giving essence of the Hauraki Gulf (Tikapa Moana). Find out more.

Jobs For Nature

Million Metres, in partnership with the Department of Conservation, is collaborating with the following community-based conservation organisations to create jobs in nature. Find out more.