SBN Advisory

Need extra help to get started on sustainable business? In depth support for a specific project? Expert brains to pick?

SBN Advisory is for you.

We can help you:

  • Identify and assess the relevant economic, environmental, social and cultural issues
  • Define your level of ambition and unique sustainability direction
  • Prioritise your sustainability projects
  • Specify and gather the resources you need for success
  • Get buy-in from your team and leadership
  • Create a plan you can work with

And a range of other bespoke services.

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What our advisory clients say about us

“Our relationship with Sustainable Business Network opened our eyes to the possibility of Sustainable practices in the Construction Sector. As a result of their guidance and direction we have gone on to create our own Carbon Calculator for the fit-out market. We've become a Net Carbon Zero Business. We have big goals for future innovation. Their mentorship was the inspiration. It led us to where we are. It has us pointing in a very exciting direction”

Lizzi Whaley CEO Spaceworks

We were already doing some good work, but needed some independent and expert advice. The workshop with the SBN team really helped us with that: how we can embed sustainability into the business and deliver more value.”

Gavin Smith, Business and Product Development Manager, Alsco


This has really helped us to focus our strategy on the most appropriate areas.

John P Nairn, Strategic Procurement Manager, Vitaco