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Cable ties

As fire alarm technicians, we use a huge number of cable ties per project. The offcuts of each cable tie, plus used cable ties, are currently going to landfill. Are there any examples of organisations effectively collecting cable ties and offcuts onsite? And, is there an organisation that can recycle this material? We would also be willing to look at alternative products.

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Polypropylene cable drums

We are a structural steel fabrication and erection business operating out of Ngaruawahia. We use 10-15 cable drums of welding wire every week. We’re hoping to find a reuse opportunity for the empty drums to keep them out of landfill. They are made out of polypropylene and can’t be recycled in the Waikato.

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Acrylic sheet offcuts from laser cutting

We have acrylic sheet offcuts from our R&D laser cutting process. The output is highly variable, but generally we have sheets that are 3, 4.5, 6 and 10mm thick. Sheet sizes are generally 1200 x 900mm with varying amounts cut from the sheets. We could provide a pallet load of these offcuts every six months.

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Paper dust briquettes for recycling

We are looking to find someone to recycle briquettes made from paper dust created during the printing process. We produce about 1-2 tonnes a month. We are based in Henderson, Auckland. Any enquiries are welcome.

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Plastic film baling

I collect adhesed flexible PP and PET film plastic film that I send on to a recycling partner. I am looking for an organisation that can bale the material. Ideally the organisation would also be able to store the material until there is enough volume for a bale. I will then collect the bales to send off. I am looking for connections in Auckland and Christchurch.

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Untreated wooden pallets and barrels for recycling

We send 30-50 tonnes of untreated wooden pallets and barrels to a local company for recycling each month. However, there are times when they can’t keep up with the volume. Is there another organisation in the North Island that would be able to support us in dealing with our wood waste? We are based in New Plymouth.

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Cross-linked polyethylene for recycling

We have a plastic product that we used to send to a recycler but they no longer accept it. It is XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene). It would be fantastic to find another company that could recycle this into other products.

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Environmentally friendly pest control

We are looking for an environmentally friendly pest control solution for the office and retail spaces we manage. Any leads?

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PET pellets available for injection moulding

We have developed machinery that processes production offcuts into PET pellets that can be reused for injection moulding. We're currently looking for more outlets for this pelletized material as we increase their recycling capacity, It would be great to connect with some potential businesses who’d be interested in taking this material.

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Heavy duty strops

Our site in Auckland receives hundreds of plastic woven strops from China each year. They are several metres long. Let us know if you have any ideas for repurposing these valuable materials, or partners who can reuse these on an ongoing basis. Note - these strops are not rated and should not be used for towing/lifting.

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Repurposing fibreglass panel offcuts

We have versatile fibreglass-foam composite panels currently available to customers free of charge in the following dimensions: 800mm by 1180mm, 700mm by 1800mm, 810mm by 1670mm, all 30 thick, as well as an assortment of other sizes. While we are offering this material to customers free of charge, we are looking for a longer term partnership, ideally with one partner which can upcycle these high quality fibreglass foam composite panels.

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High quality, marine grade plywood offcuts

Due to the nature of our manufacturing process, we produce a lot of irregularly shaped plywood offcuts. We currently send our irregular plywood offcuts to be burned as biofuel for cement making in Whangarei. However, we are looking for a way for these to be upcycled or repurposed into an alternative product or material like particleboard.

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Cloth rags contaminated with solvents

We know this is a long shot! We're looking for a waste diversion solution for rags contaminated with white spirits and solvents. Currently they're going to landfill. Other than burning them for biofuel, are there any better options out there? We're based in Hamilton.

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Orange PVC canvas covers for upcycling

We're looking for a long term upcycling partner to deal with the large volume of orange PVC canvas we generate every week. The canvas is used as a temporary covering for new vehicle chassis. Currently it's being sent to landfill. This material could be used for making tote bags, tarpaulins, reusable pallet wraps or similar. We're based in Hamilton.

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Hard hat recycling

We're based in the Wellington region and looking for a business that can recycle our hard hats when they need to be replaced.

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Polyester Rugs

We are looking for someone in NZ who recycles polyester rugs. We are based in Auckland

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PVC cable covering

Who can I connect with to find someone or something to do with our waste PVC cable covering in Otago?

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Insulation offcuts

We are looking for potential partners interested in taking our insulation offcuts (GreenStuf 100% polyester fibre) from project sites around the country. The location and volume of the offcuts will vary based on the project. We encourage our installers to designate a clean working area so the offcuts are not contaminated.

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Recycling PET strapping bands

We want to find a way to divert PET strapping from landfill. We’re hoping to find a business than can recycle PET strapping and create a useful product from it. PET strapping has low mass but high volume and takes up a lot of space. PET recycling in New Zealand is designed for bottle-grade PET. It does not included coloured PET or strapping.

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Reduce marble and granite waste in landfill

We are looking for sources of marble (white and light grey) and granite offcuts. We need about 20 tonnes right now to crush and reuse in our flooring product. We need a constant source so are looking for regular suppliers. We are based in Henderson, Auckland. We have one-tonne bins we can place in yards to collect your offcuts.

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