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Learn how our Climate Action Workshops can help your business start taking climate action.

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"I can definitely utilise your tools and resources in my own organisation and will be sharing this with many tourism businesses too. Honestly it was the most practical and useful workshop I have been on in a long time!"

Gisela Purcell, Tourism Industry Aotearoa

Introduction to Climate Action

Climate Action Programme

“This programme was the boost I needed to take meaningful climate action on behalf of my small business. I have since explored actions that absolutely wouldn’t have happened without doing this course. Even though I was a tiny new business I was made to feel that my contribution mattered and I felt very supported throughout.”

Rose Lawrence - Owner, Garden Cake Kitchen

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“It was really great having such a range of businesses and knowledge involved in the programme. It was clear that regardless of size and industry, we all faced similar issues around time and resources. There were some really good discussions when it came to breaking these issues down and determining a way to reach our goals.”

Grant Aitken - Managing Director, BTW Company

“There is a lot of information out there, and having the support to guide us through it and pick out what’s important was invaluable. Having people we could call on for guidance really helped us dial in on the areas where we should focus, saving time and streamlining the whole process."

Jenn O’Connell - Park Manager, Fitzroy Beach Holiday Park

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