Leadership in Sustainable Business Course 2022

Leadership in sustainable business is one of today’s most challenging and rewarding endeavours.

The Sustainable Business Network has years of experience training some of the most dynamic and successful sustainability leaders in New Zealand.

The course has been designed, developed and honed specifically by and for New Zealand based sustainability professionals. It is ideally suited to Aotearoa’s economic, cultural and ecological context. More than 50 top NZ companies have sustainability leaders who are Leadership in Sustainable Business Course alumni.

You will be challenged and supported to deepen your personal connection to the environmental issues of our time. You will be introduced to the world’s best tools for bringing that insight and passion into your everyday work.

We will equip you with the knowledge, confidence and commitment to lead the personal and professional change the world needs.

The course that was planned to start in September has had to be postponed until March 2022.

Next course details:

Start Date: Tue 08 March 2022
End Date: Wed 11 May 2022
Time: 8am – 5pm
Venue and Location
Each session takes place in a different location:
8th & 9th of March – Onetangi Community Center, Waiheke Island
13th & 14th of April – Auckland CBD
10th & 11th of May- Auckland CBD

The teaching team

  • Rachel Brown, ONZM, from the Sustainable Business Network (facilitator and coach)
  • Andy Kenworthy, from the Sustainable Business Network (facilitator and coach)
  • Dave Savage from Elevate Coaching (facilitator and coach)
  • Dr. Niki Harré from the University of Auckland (guest keynote speaker)

The format

Workshop One 

Led by Rachel Brown ONZM, Dr. Niki Harré and Andy Kenworthy

  • ecological immersion and connection
  • shared values and practices for influence
  • formation of a community of practice
  • practice with the use of Te ao Maori tikanga
  • global and local sustainability context
  • understanding and building trust
  • the Big Shift Model for system change
  • Doughnut Economics and other frameworks
  • The Regenerative and Circular Economy
  • The psychology of positive change

Workshop Two

Led by David Savage

  • the unique nature of leadership in sustainable business
  • the science of influence
  • emotional intelligence
  • business relationships
  • bringing your business with you
  • pitching for influence
  • overcoming barriers to action
  • owning your language
  • overcoming brain bias

Workshop three

Led by Rachel Brown ONZM and Andy Kenworthy

  • sustainability and business strategy
  • materiality, reporting and certification
  • innovative leadership practices
  • sustainable business case studies
  • guest speakers
  • project plan completion
  • pitching and presenting

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Standard rate: $5,500 (plus GST)

Discounted tickets for SBN Impact Investors. Large investors receive one complimentary ticket to the Leadership in Sustainable Business Course, Sustainable Procurement Activator Course or the Procurement Leaders Group.

Contact investor@sustainable.org.nz for further details.

What participants say


“The Leadership Course really made a positive impact on how I see life as an individual but also as a professional. You and your organization helped me learn quite a bit around leadership, courage and sustainability.” David Roy, Tourism NZ


“A great experience. I recommend it to others looking for a way to supercharge their own sustainability journey. It re-energised my leadership thinking.” Daniel Harrison, Department of Conservation

“For anyone who is looking to build a network of support in the sustainability space, learn more about how to influence in organisations and wants to make a difference in sustainability, this course will help provide that. Hosted by fantastic people, who are genuinely interested in the space and want to make a difference. It was a pleasure to be a part of!” Joe Climo, Jacobsen Holdings


“A fantastic perspective-changing five month journey. I would highly recommend this to anyone in business, across any department or any industry as its concepts and practical exercises are universally applicable.” Ana Bojceva, Karma Cola

“A great way to talk through the tricky issues about translating intent into action. We had an excellent course leader; the guest speakers were great and being with other like-minded people in an open and informal environment made it an enjoyable learning experience.” Stephen McCutcheon, Methven

“Doing this course confirmed my passions towards sustainability and this helped me move into a sustainability role.” Aditee Naik, Westpac

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