Leadership in Sustainable Business Course 2020

The SBN Leadership in Sustainability Course is built on 15+ years’ experience enabling sustainable business in Aotearoa. It provides direct access to the SBN team’s expertise. It includes input from top experts from our network of more than 550 organisations.


  • A deep connection to the most pressing environmental and social issues of our time
  • Access to the latest expert thinking and inspiring leaders in sustainable business
  • The knowledge, confidence and commitment to lead personal and professional change

After completing the course you will be able to:

  • Identify new opportunities for impact, investment, innovation and collaboration
  • Know and demonstrate your business case 
  • Communicate and influence effectively to make change happen


  • Members: $2,500 (plus GST)
  • Non-members: $5,500 (plus GST)
  • Plus Eventbrite booking fee.

Course dates:

Course dates for our Auckland course 2020:

16-17 September, 14-15 October and 11-12 November 2020

Venue: Waiheke (for 16-17 September) and GridAKL for the remaining dates

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  • Complimentary for larger SBN members (one participant per year)
  • $2,500 for other SBN members (does not include individual membership)
  • $5,500 for non-SBN members


“I found the SBN Leadership in Sustainability course a great experience and recommend it to others looking for a way to supercharge their own sustainability journey. Participating in the course re-energised my leadership thinking and practice with the end result being that I had higher capability and capacity to lead and inspire sustainability” Daniel Harrison, Department of Conservation, 2019 course attendee

“For anyone who is looking to build a network of support in the sustainability space, learn more about how to influence in organisations and wants to make a difference in sustainability, this course will help provide that. Hosted by fantastic people, who are genuinely interested in the space and want to make a difference. It was a pleasure to be a part of!” Joe Climo, Jacobsen Holdings, 2019 course attendee

“The Leadership in Sustainable Business course organised by the SBN was a fantastic perspective-changing five month journey. I would highly recommend this to anyone in business, across any department or any industry as its concepts and practical exercises are universally applicable.” Ana Bojceva, Karma Cola, 2018 course attendee

“The course was a great way to talk through the tricky issues about translating intent into action. We had an excellent course leader; the guest speakers were great and being with other like-minded people in an open and informal environment made it an enjoyable learning experience.” Stephen McCutcheon, Methven, 2018 course attendee

“Doing this course confirmed my passions towards sustainability and this helped me move into a sustainability role at Westpac.” Aditee Naik, Westpac, 2018 course attendee

For information or registration contact Holly Leach, holly@sustainable.org.nz