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The Challenge Hub helps businesses solve their sustainability challenges. Check out our archive to learn about the solutions to earlier challenges. You may be able to offer a solution of your own or apply some of the recommendations to your business.


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EPS polystyrene processing/repurposing

We are looking for a way to divert big volumes of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) from landfill in the Levin region. Our heat pump packaging creates large amounts of EPS. The only local option is to break it down and send it to landfill. Palmerston North has a processing site but it won’t take EPS from out of town.

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Looking for composter plus new food packaging solutions

We’re looking for a composting facility to process compostable food packaging from our lunches in schools programme. We produce 2000 units of compostable packaging every school day and want to divert it from going into landfill. We’re based in Te Puke. Our current school lunch contract runs to the end of 2023. Pick up would be great, but we’re also open to delivering our waste to a facility. We have budget to pay for this service, but are a registered charity so would definitely be open to other arrangements too. We’re also looking for alternative packaging solutions for the future to reduce our impact as much as possible. However, due to current resource limitations, we’re interested in solving our composting challenge in the short-term, with the view of moving to a more regenerative model over time.

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Waste oil from the hospitality sector

What can we do with waste oils, like canola, from cafes/restaurants?

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Increasing recycled content in aluminium cans

Our biggest emission impact comes from using virgin aluminum in our cans. We’d like to increase the percentage of recycled aluminium used in our cans. That’s proving to be difficult as our can supplier is unable to influence the percentage of recycled aluminum in the sheets from its suppliers. We’d love to hear your suggestions on how we (and other can users) could influence our supply chain to change that.

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Rendering service needed in Northland

We, like many other butchers in Northland, are struggling to find a service to render meat scraps, fat and bone from our region. The purpose of rendering is to divert those resources from landfill and make them into a higher value product. We’ve tried contacting a few rendering services that are listed with MPI but they haven’t answered or do not service up here.

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