SBN Nature Project

Eight out of ten of Aotearoa New Zealand’s reptiles, frogs, bats and birds are threatened or at risk of extinction.

Habitat loss is a key reason. Two thirds of our native forests have been destroyed since the late 1800s and 90% of our wetlands. Pollution is another. In recent summers around 100 of our rivers, lakes and bays have been too polluted to safely swim in.

Regenerating nature is vital if we are to tackle climate change and species extinction, as well as secure a positive future for all of us. Intact ecosystems are among the most powerful and effective ways to safely absorb greenhouse gas emissions. They are a fundamental source of health and well-being for our people.

Our recent work on this theme has grown out of our support for local rural and urban waterway restoration projects. It is now developing into a range of large-scale environmental and social programmes of national significance.

Our nature projects are:

Million Metres

A mission to restore New Zealand’s rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands. Our goal is to plant a million metres of waterways with native plants and trees. Find out more.

Our Gulf project

A mission to protect and restore the mauri, the life-giving essence of the Hauraki Gulf (Tikapa Moana). Find out more.

Jobs for Nature

Million Metres, in partnership with the Department of Conservation, is collaborating with the following community-based conservation organisations to create jobs in nature. Find out more.