Resilience in Crisis Award

This award, sponsored by Stuff, will be presented to an organisation in recognition of a quick business pivot for a sustainable outcome in times of Covid-19. 

Vote now for this special 2020 People’s Choice Award!

To cast your vote, tick your preferred winner from the list of finalists below. Voting closes at 6pm on 19 November. The winner will be announced shortly afterwards at the Awards night.

The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly affected our economy. Now it is more important than ever that our economy is based on the principles of environmental and social wellbeing. ‘Business as usual’ was already failing us.

Many businesses surviving this massive upheaval are redesigning the way they work and their offerings. They are recognising this as an opportunity to get things right, and on a sustainable path. Some businesses are radically changing their models and discovering entirely new directions for the organisation.

We asked Stuff what inspired them to sponsor the Sustainable Business Awards:

“At Stuff our mission is to make Aotearoa New Zealand a better place. We are committed to living up to this purpose in everything we do, and taking serious strides toward decarbonisation and environmental sustainability is a key part of that.  

“We also recognise the opportunity that we have as New Zealand’s leading news media organisation to bring awareness and education to Kiwis. In March 2020, Stuff launched The Forever Project, a print and digitally led initiative that is New Zealand’s most ambitious environmental reporting. With The Forever Project, we give our audiences world-leading, constructive coverage that makes climate change feel urgent, tangible and unignorable. It also allows us to shine a light on inspiring local businesses championing sustainability, to help Kiwis make better informed choices. 

“The June edition of The Forever Project explored the theme of Green Rebound, and looked at how New Zealand will need to rebuild from the economic damage wrought by Covid-19 in a way that helps us become a low-emissions, climate-friendly country. Supporting the Resilience in Crisis award recognises organisations that took bold decisions to help  achieve this goal.”