Is your wardrobe killing the planet?

Your jeans may look innocent but they’ve been involved in numerous crimes of fashion long before you fell in love with them. And, they haven’t stopped. While your bootcuts may be guilty, along with just about every other piece of clothing you own, Phil Crawford finds redemption is possible. 

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Food security


How do we create a food secure future?

Food banks are reporting record demand for their services this year. Due to the impacts of Covid-19 it is thought that up to one million Kiwis may be struggling to put enough food on the table. Last month SBN co-hosted a hui in Wellington focused on creating a food secure future for families living in the capital.

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SBN’s free guide to flexi-working

Flexi-working has become a household word in New Zealand this year. It’s a catch-all term for a wide variety of tools that empower employees to choose their own schedule, such as working remotely, working different hours or days, or working compressed weeks.

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Plastics Masterclass 2020 – Apply now

There’s been unprecedented interest in the next phase of SBN’s Plastic Packaging Circular Innovation programme, in partnership with Foodstuffs and New Zealand King Salmon. The call is out now for existing participants and key influencers to continue our work.

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