Insights into sustainability professionals: Q&A with Sarah Holden

The findings of New Zealand’s first survey into sustainability professionals have just been launched in a collaboration between Oxygen Consulting, Sustainable Business Network, Sustainable Business Council and AUT University. Sarah Holden, author of the report and Director of Oxygen Consulting, shares some of  her most interesting findings with us.Read More


It’s the climate for the sustainability professional

A ground-breaking report launched today in collaboration with Oxygen Consulting, the Sustainable Business Network (SBN), the Sustainable Business Council (SBC) and Auckland University of Technology (AUT), provides in-depth insights into the rapidly evolving roles of sustainability professionals within New Zealand organisations.

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Successful recovery will be a long game

So here we come, blinking out of our well-appointed shelters. It’s time to survey the devastation. A lot of us are keen to spend taxpayers’ money to rebuild as fast as possible. Money, however, will be in short supply for months, if not years. It’s vital that we build resiliency and make investments wisely.

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2020 predictions playing out with a Covid-19 twist

In January, EECA Chief Executive Andrew Caseley answered SBN’s call for predictions for 2020, and said it would be the year for “people continuing to recognise the power of collective action – small steps, taken together, making big strides.” As New Zealand looks set to crush the Covid-19 curve, thanks to the team of five million pulling together, it seems he was right, though not in the way he expected.

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We’re making some changes and focusing on impact!

The announcement that we’ll start moving to Level 2 from tomorrow was great news for many! At the same time I have to admit that there are some aspects of the lockdown I’m going to miss like the quieter, less hectic, way of life.

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New programme to accelerate climate action for SMEs

A Sustainable Business Network (SBN) report shows Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) want to fight climate change but don’t know where to begin so a new easy-to-use programme, Climate Action 20/25, is being set up to help them.  


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Circular Economy Projects in Auckland

Supplementing the voices for sustainability to be at the centre of the new economy, we’re calling for investment in the circular economy. We’ve identified that investing $1.6 million now will ensure Auckland can support business, reduce environmental impact, create jobs and reduce waste. 

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Tools & Resources


Free new guides to being more sustainable

We’ve created a series of new and updated resources covering some of the key sustainability topics to help your business survive and thrive. Taking these steps will help assist the New Zealand economy, as a whole, to shift onto a more resilient path.

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The sea waits for us

Andy Kenworthy invites you to reflect on how the past few weeks away from the sea have highlighted the importance of protecting it.

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How to regenerate our economy

The tide is turning, with the Covid Curve well and truly flattened in NZ. There are many uncertainties around the shape of the post-virus economy, but now’s the time to act to ensure it takes the form we want. To get the ball rolling, SBN hosted an online CEO Forum on 17 April to get some tips from the top.Read More


Letter to ministers on the post Covid-19 economy

The Sustainable Business Network has written to the Prime Minister and ministers, on behalf of our network, to ask that sustainability is put at the centre of every investment decision in the post-pandemic economy. Read the letter in full here.

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Wheat over water


How to be responsible for your products

We’re making it easier for businesses that want to start taking responsibility for products throughout their life cycle. Known as product stewardship, this shift in thinking is vital to creating a more circular economy.

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