Circular Economy Resources

The low carbon circular economy offers a truly sustainable alternative to the dominant economic model of ‘take, make and waste’.

In a circular economy resources are never abandoned to become waste. Products are designed to be safe and easy to manage in cycles of production and reproduction. By minimising the use of new resources, the circular economy reduces our impact on climate.

Find out more about the circular economy and download our resources below.


Going Full Circle

In September 2021 we released our Going Full Circle report which reveals how Aotearoa New Zealand is tracking towards a circular economy.

SBN Plastic Packaging Masterclass 2020 Key Findings

Best practice guidelines on getting rid of problematic plastic packaging. Download Plastic Packaging Masterclass 2020: Key findings.

NZ’s Plastic Packaging System

Find out what the key challenges, opportunities and pathways are for creating a circular economy for plastic packaging that works in NZ.

NZ Plastic Packaging Guidance

This practical guide contains advice and information on plastic packaging for New Zealand businesses.

Circular Economy Model Office Guide

This guide will help you reduce waste and cost, as well as providing a platform for creativity in your commercial build or refurbishment.

Circular Economy Opportunity for Auckland

Our research shows Auckland could be $8.8 billion better off in 2030 if the city makes the transition to a circular economy. Find out how in the first economic report of its kind in NZ.

Product Stewardship

Product stewardship aims to reduce a product’s environmental impact throughout its lifecycle. Find out more in this introductory resource.

Introductory resource