Go Circular 2025

Watch the launch of Go Circular 2025, our programme to accelerate the shift to a low carbon circular economy.

The Go Circular 2025 programme provides practical tools and resources to install circular economy thinking into your business. This will make it more efficient, more sustainable and more resilient.

A circular economy designs out waste and pollution, keeps products and materials in use, and regenerates natural systems. Changing the way products are made and used can also help significantly reduce carbon emissions. Learn more.

NEW: State of the nation report

In September 2021 we released our Going Full Circle report. It reveals how Aotearoa New Zealand is tracking towards a circular economy. It includes six key action areas to help businesses make the necessary changes.

Go Circular business-to-business directory

Early in 2022 we’ll be launching a directory of circular economy business. It will also provide information about developing circular economy practices in your business.

Register interest in our directory

Let us know if you think your product or service can help other businesses move into the circular economy. We’ll get in contact to discuss a potential listing on the new directory. We’re also keen to hear from businesses looking for circular economy products and services, so we can ensure the directory meets your needs.

Register your interest in the Go Circular directory below:

Please note businesses listed in the directory will need to meet some basic criteria demonstrating their commitment to the principles of a circular economy.

Get in touch

To find out more about the Go Circular programme contact:

James Griffin
General Manager Projects and Advisory

Kate Haselhoff
Senior Project & Partnership Manager

Annie Newton-Jones
Associate Project and Partnership Manager

Go Circular 2025 is led by the Sustainable Business Network. A special thanks to our partners: