Plastic Packaging Circular Innovation Programme

A chance to apply circular economy thinking to your business’ plastic packaging challenges.

The Plastic Packaging Circular Innovation Programme is designed to enable your business to meet 2025 plastic packaging commitments and contribute to a circular economy for plastic packaging that works in NZ via:

  • eliminating problematic and unnecessary packaging
  • moving from single-use to reuse packaging
  • innovating to ensure 100% of plastic packaging can be easily and safely reused, recycled, or composted by 2025
  • contributing to radically improved economics and quality in recycling.

The programme is based on recommendations from our 2018 report: New Zealand’s Plastic Packaging System – an initial circular economy diagnosis. To download a copy complete the form below.

It consists of packaging masterclass workshops to stay abreast of innovations and influence change across the packaging system. The masterclasses are centred around a group, or cohort, of leading packaged goods suppliers committed to improving the circularity of New Zealand’s packaging. Read more about our masterclasses.

Masterclass 2020

We’re delighted to say that we’ve had overwhelming interest in joining the group for our next Masterclass.

There’s an urgent need to establish a New Zealand based circular economy for plastic packaging. This group should take a leading role in making that happen. Together we will continue to establish the necessary changes, based on our new, shared understanding. We will build on the work we have done together so far.

The next step for this group will be the face-to-face (with a Covid non or reduced contact contingency) 2020 Masterclass on Friday 16 October from 9-4pm in central Auckland

There are a limited number of spaces on this current ‘cohort’. Preference will be given to those who have already taken part and/or those who are dedicated to playing a leading role in New Zealand’s plastic packaging system.

During the session participants will gain:
– the most up to date information on NZ’s plastic packaging system including recycling infrastructure, compostables, reuse & product stewardship
– Access to experts from science & innovation, packaging experts, and government
– knowledge to unlock key packaging challenges and successfully navigate towards 2025 packaging commitments

Please click here to apply. It only takes a few minutes.

Ticket prices are:
General entry: $900 (two attendees)
SBN Investors: $750 (two attendees)
Foodstuffs suppliers: $750 (two attendees)
(Single tickets may be negotiated)

Check out our masterclass series from last year:

For more information and to join the programme please contact: [email protected]