DIY steps and tips to restore streams and rivers on your land. Links to great templates, guides and videos to help you on your way.

Note: This resource focuses on riparian planting (planting the area beside waterways). There are various other restoration methods (bank stabilisation, culvert removal, sediment traps etc.) that are not explored in this guide. 

Person in gloves planting native plant
Person with rolled up sleeves planting native plant

When to plant?

Health and Safety is key

Take steps to ensure the Health and Safety of you and your planting team. Ensure you have the correct equipment, such as gloves, long-sleeves and a hat. Be aware of your surroundings when planting. Distance yourself from the next person. Take care using equipment such as spades and secateurs and around waterways. Be aware of potential hazards that could result in slips/trips/falls. 

More resources to check out

Consider a sustainable option

FutureEcology have created environmentally friendly plant guards. Emguards are biodegradable and made from recycled pulp. They stop plastic debris from entering waterways.