Climate Change and Business Conference

Notwithstanding the global disruption caused by Covid-19, the pandemic has provided an historic opportunity to transform our future, and the futures of generations to come.  The 2020 Climate Change + Business Conference will explore the extent to which businesses, policy-makers, and civil society have seized this opportunity.

Among other things, it will consider:

  • the flow of Government funding toward recovery projects;
  • the impact of recent policy and legislative changes;
  • international recovery trends;
  • perspectives from the Climate Change Commission;
  • revised climate science projections;
  • impacts on the price of carbon and carbon markets;
  • sectoral issues and opportunities; and
  • our adaptation preparedness.

The need to build on the urgency and momentum for rapid and substantial decarbonisation remains.  Notwithstanding a temporary decrease in emissions during periods of restricted travel, we are unlikely to meet our emissions reduction targets without significant evolution in the ways that we currently live and work. What practical actions do we need to take to meet them (and are our targets sufficiently ambitious)?  What are the barriers to action and how can we overcome them?  How can we ensure that our economic recovery incentivises and accelerates the deployment of carbon positive technologies, initiatives, and adaptation preparedness?  What adaptation measures should businesses be planning for and implementing?  And how do we lead with the level of ambition and hope that the climate crisis requires of us, and future generations deserve from us?

CCBC 2020 will confront these issues. In doing so, it will provide opportunities for progressive business leaders to profile their ideas and innovative responses, and for businesses seeking to collaborate on their transition.

Both in-person and livestreaming options are available. Check out the website for the latest information.

Conference Programme

Registration Information

The CCBC team closely monitors the conditions around COVID restrictions and events and we will keep you updated on any changes via email and on our website. In the meantime, take care, keep safe and let’s keep the climate conversation going.

There is a 10% discount on tickets for SBN Investors. To activate the discounted registration, go all the way through to the PAYMENT section.  There is a box there called DISCOUNT CODE. In that box type SBN10.  This will apply a 10% discount to the registration.

Start Date: Wed 11 Nov 2020
End Date: Thu 12 Nov 2020
Venue and Location
Aotea Centre

50 Mayoral Drive, Auckland

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