SBN Waste Project

The low carbon circular economy offers a truly sustainable alternative to the dominant economic model of ‘take, make and waste’. In a circular economy resources are never abandoned to become waste. Products are designed to be safe and easy to manage in cycles of production and reproduction. By minimising the use of new resources, the circular economy reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

SBN’s circular economy projects are designed to speed up this inevitable and necessary transition for Aotearoa New Zealand. Find out more about the circular economy and our three circular economy projects:

Our waste projects are:

Go Circular 2025

The Go Circular 2025 programme, led by SBN, provides practical tools and resources to help Kiwi businesses thrive in a low-carbon circular economy. It can help make your business more sustainable and resilient.


A programme of advice, support and events to help businesses eliminate problematic and unnecessary packaging. Find out more.

Product Stewardship

A campaign to radically increase the number of voluntary ‘product take back’ schemes in Aotearoa. Find out more.