Ākina Foundation + NZ Post

Since 2012, Ākina and NZ Post have worked together to support the growth of social enterprise in Aotearoa-NZ. They have a shared vision of creating positive outcomes for Aotearoa through social procurement and accelerating the growth of the social enterprise marketplace.

In September last year, NZ Post announced a commitment to buy from at least three social enterprises over the next 12 months and encouraged other businesses to follow suit. Social procurement occurs when buyers use their purchasing power to buy goods and services with the intent to create positive social and environmental benefits. By using social procurement, an organisation has the opportunity to ‘spend the same dollar twice’, by purchasing the goods or services and investing in social and environmental outcomes.

The partnership has focused on embedding and implementing social procurement within NZ Post, while also developing and delivering a NZ-wide programme known as Market Connect. Akina has supported NZ Post to develop a strategy and road map for social procurement. Together the organisations have developed a buyer guide (The Good Gift Guide).