Auckland District Health Board

ADHB has partnered with Baxter Healthcare and Johnson & Johnson to begin recycling PVC fluid bags, aluminium bottles and single use instruments.

ADHB is one of the largest healthcare providers in the country. It provides health care to more than a million patients each year and employs about 10,000 staff. This generates more than 3,000 tons of medical and general waste.

Medical waste is a significant issue for health systems around the world. Traditionally, non-hazardous/non-infectious waste has gone to landfill. This costs the local health system and is damaging to the environment.

Training for the PVC initiative has grown exponentially from an initial 1,000 staff participants. The key driver for these initiatives is waste diversion and recycling of waste into another usable product. For example, more than 10,000kg of PVC has been recovered and remanufactured locally into playground mats. More than 3,000 aluminium bottles have been diverted and remanufactured into other aluminium products. The number of single use scissors from just the birthing suite is estimated to amount to 375-400kg a year.