Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari

Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari sets the standard for marine conservation and tourism in New Zealand.  Daily safaris make it easy for customers to experience the wildlife of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park – New Zealand’s first and largest national park of the sea. Offering much more than just whale and dolphin watching, the business immerses customers in a conservation experience on board a marine research vessel.

Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari works closely with the Department of Conservation and research partners. This enables customers to interact directly with marine mammal experts and on-board researchers.  Customers actively participate in sample and data collection.

Conservation and environmental protection have always been a core part of the business and were the catalyst for its creation. The idea was simple: if we help protect the incredible natural resource of the Hauraki Gulf, we also help protect the future of the business. Currently just under 15,000 people participate annually and this is growing.