Transformation Areas

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Chariot Ridesharing

Chariot is a safe new way of bringing people together to find carpools or share rides with others through an app.

Its ambition is to transform the way Kiwis travel by enabling smarter travel choices, making carpooling and ridesharing fun and easy for everyone.

The app allows people to share common journeys. Users can ‘rent out’ spare seats and only get reimbursed from other users for the genuine costs of their trip.  Initiatives such as the ‘Waypoint Matching Algorithm’ allow multiple passengers to jump in and out along a driver’s route. Travel patterns can also be assessed for businesses to help improve commuting for staff.  The HomeFree initiative offers a guaranteed free ride home in case of emergency.

Technology-based carpooling platforms like Chariot have the potential to resolve the worsening congestion problem on our roads. This will enable better use of empty car seats and drive a cultural shift in the pattern and behaviour of people’s commutes to work and in between cities. This will create an ability to move away from investing in building roads to investing in technology and carpooling, which is far less costly.

Chariot has launched in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch. It eventually plans on moving to Dunedin and Hamilton, and then abroad.

Chariot Ridesharing is a finalist in the Community Innovation category of the 2016 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards