City Rail Link

City Rail Link (CRL) in Auckland is the largest transport infrastructure project ever to be undertaken in NZ.  It will allow the rail network to at least double rail capacity. It is fast tracking its way to efficiency. 

CRL’s designers and contractors have undertaken a number of efficiency activities to minimise greenhouse gas emissions and optimise resource use, water efficiency and waste avoidance.

CRL’s approach is to calculate the projected whole-of-life footprint of the project. Initiatives have been identified through exploring alternative construction methodologies and designs, running resource reduction workshops and undertaking detailed footprinting of alternatives. Contractors have been active participants in these workshops. Specific initiatives include replacing diesel generators with grid-connected transformers, training haulage drivers in fuel-efficient techniques, smart controls on escalators to reduce electricity use, water-efficient fittings and LED street-lighting.

CRL is striving to send zero waste to landfill during construction by supporting and challenging contractors to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover as much waste as practicable.

So far, activities from the first two contracts have saved more than 2,000 tonnes of carbon from construction, and more than 14,000 tonnes of carbon from operations. There has been a 25% reduction in construction water use, and 50% reduction in operational water use at Britomart station. 95% of construction and demolition waste has been diverted from landfill through recycling or re-use.