Dave Maslen, NZ Merino Company

Dave is General Manager for Markets and Sustainability at NZ Merino. He is an advocate for sustainability in the wool industry, and has been instrumental in bringing the largest supply of ethically sourced wool to the world.

With a natural ability to connect businesses, growers and their sustainable values, he takes primary responsibility for NZ Merino’s key international relationships. This includes retail brand partners and supply chain partners. Dave is responsible for strategic growth initiatives, research and development, sustainability, traceability and ethical production.

Dave has been the driver behind many initiatives, for example an investigation of the impact of wool through Lifecycle Assessment.  He draws attention to sustainability issues at global events and brand partner conferences including International Wool Textile Organisation, Textiles Exchange, and Outdoor Industry Associations.

In 2007, Dave created the ZQ on-farm standard to help people understand that their textile choices could reflect their beliefs. The ZQ standard includes animal welfare, environment planning and social responsibility.