EcoStock Supplies

EcoStock provides innovative recycling solutions for commercial food waste businesses nationwide. It collects surplus food products and recycles them into nutritious animal feed, baled commodities and compost for worm production. As a consequence, the amount of waste that ends up in landfill is reduced by 35,000 tonnes a year. It also reduces the dependence on imported stockfeed products such as palm kernel. EcoStock’s stockfeed product now replaces more than $4 million worth of imports.

EcoStock’s compost product sustains worms for its WormsRus business, which, along with worm castings, are sold to the community. These worms and castings promote the healthy growth of fruit and vegetables.

EcoStock’s auditing application EcoTrack helps food manufacturer customers to reduce their long-term carbon footprints. It tracks food-waste types, quantities and sources, and enables clients to pinpoint where and how to improve their supply chains and processes.

EcoStock is currently exploring the use of biogas from anaerobic digestion of food and organic waste to provide heat, energy and useful gases.