emhTrade is helping people choose clean, affordable power through a new platform and a personalised app.

emhTrade created the Transactive Energy platform to help electricity retailers and distributors access flexible demand. An app – PowerPal – tells people when to act for cheaper, cleaner or more local power, rewarding them for change. Rewards (funded from the reduced energy market and network costs) encourage further action.

The platform’s algorithms predict the cleanest, cheapest or community-oriented times to use power. The app tells people the times relevant to their personal preferences and regular tips help them act.

The PowerPal app has a 80% engagement rate and some consumers are cutting power bills by $90 a year. When told the NZ electricity system is burning diesel, 35% of users cut electricity use by over 50%. ‘Solar Share’ consumers (who share solar power between homes that have solar and those that do not) have shared more than 100,000 kWh of clean local energy since the start of 2018. That’s 5 million cups of tea!

By harnessing clean tech investment, emhTrade aims to create the power industry’s sharing economy.