EnviroNZ has established an innovative product recovery and reuse operation focused on diverting food waste and packaging away from landfill. This provides a solution for food manufacturers to recover, reuse and recycle out-of-date or out-of-specification food products and packaging.

EnviroNZ has made significant investment in recovery processes to minimise food and packaging waste going to landfill, and to divert recovered materials to alternative uses. Its secure de-packaging facility in Auckland recovers packaging for recycling and captures raw material for use as stock feed. Residual or not fit-for-purpose ingredients are processed at a large-scale composting operation in Waikato or converted to gas that is used to generate electricity.

Food recovery ranges from diversion to food banks for items fit for human consumption, through to stock food, worm farming and composting. The data and awareness produced through this initiative will ultimately help manufacturers to refine their processes to produce less waste.