Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox is the first New Zealand print company to have a voluntary product stewardship scheme accredited by the Ministry for the Environment.

The company’s Take Back Policy entitles all its customers to free product recycling. The company achieves a reuse and recycling rate of over 99.5%. Fuji Xerox equipment is designed for disassembly. Where possible, parts are given a second life in ‘eco machines’. This helps divert more than 700 tonnes of product from landfill each year.

This pioneering scheme has now been operating for more than a decade. The company monitors the scheme, reports on it and constantly seeks out opportunities for its improvement.

Six months ago this led to a new initiative to divert used toner to TonerPave, a durable low carbon asphalt. This helps reduce the carbon footprint of a road by up to 23% over its lifecycle. The company has signed up more than 4,000 client sites nationwide to the scheme. That’s about one in five of Fuji Xerox’s customers. The company aims to have all clients participating within the next three years.