Goodnature has invented an innovative trap to help control pests. Unlike most other traps, it resets itself, reducing the effort needed to control pests.

Every day Goodnature traps kill around 3,000 rats, stoats and possums across the country, giving a reprieve to native species. The traps only need to be checked twice a year, compared with traditional traps that need to be checked anywhere from 10-24 times a year. The trap is light and easy to use, and one person can install 200-300 hectares of stoat control per day.

Goodnature traps are used in some of the hardest to reach parts of New Zealand. It is designed to last in the most challenging environments. All products are designed for end of life disassembly and recycling, and manufacturing takes place in New Zealand. The traps have been adopted by farms to protect riparian plantings, in community initiatives on crown estate and in remote parts of the globe protecting critically endangered species.