Green Cabs

Green Cabs is a low or zero emission taxi company. Every time you take a fare in any Green Cab, a portion of that fare is donated directly to its restorative partners. It has planted more than 260,000 trees across New Zealand and the world.

Green Cabs began planting trees in third world countries with Trees for the Future before the first Green Cab was even on the road. Today it partners with Trees for Survival here in New Zealand. Land around Lake Hayes has been entrusted by the Department of Conservation to Green Cabs for three years to restore native trees.

Green Cabs’ focus is to give more than it takes. It has set a goal of having a zero-emission fleet. Each account holder’s emissions are tracked. Customers know exactly how many trees and carbon emissions they have saved by choosing Green Cabs. Last year, 76 tonnes of CO2 were saved from the atmosphere as a result of the hybrid cars and planting initiatives.

Green Cabs is a finalist in the Restoring Nature and Communicating for Change categories of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards