Caffeine-loving Kiwis go through at least 200 million disposable cups a year. Most end up in landfills. The IdealCup is the first reusable coffee cup to be designed and manufactured in New Zealand. It went to market in 2010 and is an environmentally-friendly alternative to the disposable takeaway cup.

The IdealCup is made from two food grade plastics. It can be reused over and over – and can be recycled in standard recycling at the end of its useful life. People can also return any unwanted IdealCups to the manufacturer who will grind them down and make them into new product.

The business established a cup swap system for cafés and businesses, called CupCycling. Customers can return their used cup, for a clean one for their next drink.  This closes the circular loop at scale. CupCycling currently operates out of more than 100 cafés throughout New Zealand. A new electronic data collection system records the number of single-use cups being diverted from landfill with the CupCycling model. Since recording commenced, almost 90,000 single-use cups have been diverted.