Junk Run

Junk Run provides a responsible and sustainable solution to inorganic waste management. With on the job sorting and separating, it is able to identify waste items that can be used again and put back into the community, to avoid landfill at all costs.

Through innovation, collaboration, and smart business processes Junk Run operates as a circular model. Reusable items go back into community networks to be either sold by charities, to raise funds, or gifted directly to those in need.

Since it developed advanced real time recording software three years ago, Junk Run has diverted more than 3,500 cubic metres of ‘waste’ back into the community. That’s over 2,000 tonnes. A further 2,700 tonnes have been diverted to recycling facilities.

Since 2010, Junk Run has delivered more than 9,100 tonnes of reusable items to charities and an additional 9,600 tonnes to be recycled. This is increasing every year. Junk Run’s innovative reporting on every aspect of the job allows customers to track their own performance.