Karma Cola

Karma Cola’s entire business model is built on doing social good. This is embedded in its name: creating good karma along the supply chain.

The company’s purpose is to ‘simply do good’ and improve the quality of lives of everyone who interacts with it.  Each person along the supply chain gets paid a fair wage, from growers in Sri Lanka to staff in New Zealand and London. Karma Cola is Living Wage accredited. By holding to this commitment, it puts pressure on suppliers to uphold the same standards. The Karma Cola Foundation ensures that 6 cents from the sale of every cola drink goes back to the people who grow it.

Karma Cola operates numerous sustainability initiatives, from waste reduction to circular economy workshops within the community. Since inception, the business has supported organic, Fairtrade and local business from purchasing choices to business collaborations. Its people are frequent educational speakers and advocates for ethical business models that focus on the triple bottom line and beyond.