Kilmarnock Enterprises

Kilmarnock is a Christchurch-based social enterprise that provides employment, training and support to people with disabilities. It is changing attitudes through education, employment and opportunity, empowering people with disabilities to lead purposeful and dignified lives.

By providing a supportive paid work environment, Kilmarnock teaches adults with a range of abilities the skills needed to transition into open employment. Through professional training, social development, health and wellbeing initiatives, and ongoing support, it gives people the confidence and skills they need for success.

Kilmarnock employs 85 people, the majority with disabilities. This year it has hosted around 900 people on tours and presented to almost 5,000 more. It has also recycled more than 4,000 kg of electronic waste.

Operating for 60 years, Kilmarnock is one of NZ’s oldest social enterprises. In 2011 the organisation lost the Anzac Poppy contract, and with it 30% of revenue. As a result it transformed the business, focusing on its unique competencies. It is now a commercially successful, diverse contract manufacturing business with a strong reputation for quality and professionalism.