Little & Brave Eco Nappies

Little & Brave Eco Nappies offers the only fully commercially compostable nappy available in New Zealand. It also sells commercially compostable disposal bags, baby wipes and washable, reusable fastener outers.

Innovative product design and renewable materials form the core of the product. Eco Nappies are made from sustainably sourced materials: wood fluff pulp, renewable plant-based biofilm, and a small amount of super-absorbing polymer and potato starch-based compostable bioplastic.

The nappies can be delivered and used ones can be collected for recycling and composting. Customers can also choose to use community drop-off bins for free, situated at specific Early Childhood Centres.  Each product is composted to the New Zealand Standard.  More than 60 metric tonnes of organic material has been composted to date. The compost is used for native tree planting.

The whole process – from design and production to composting and recycling – reduces landfill waste.