Maddison McQueen-Davies

At just 16 years old, Maddison single-handedly runs Share a Pair. Share a Pair, which Maddison started at the age of 15, collects pre-loved shoes and distributes them to people in need.

Maddison was horrified by the number of children who were attending school with broken shoes or being excluded from class due to incorrect footwear. So she started Share a Pair.

To date, Maddison has collected 850 pairs of pre-loved shoes and passed on 500 pairs to families in need. People message Share a Pair on Facebook if they require a pair of shoes. Maddison then delivers the shoes around Palmerston North twice a week. People can also come to her family garage to choose the shoes for themselves. Recently, Maddison hosted a pop up event where she distributed over 100 pairs of shoes.

Maddison spreads her message through Facebook, where she has inspired 700+ Facebook followers to recycle shoes they no longer need. Her posts have reached more than 16,000 people.