Mike Murphy, Kōkako

Mike is Managing Director of Kōkako, the Fairtrade and BioGro certified coffee company. He is a change maker who wants to influence as many people in the coffee industry and beyond as possible.

After taking over Kōkako 11.5 years ago, Mike has been the driver of the company’s commitment to sustainable growth. He strives to be a trailblazer in corporate social responsibility and is constantly evaluating how to do better. He’s often in discussions with local waste companies, importers, the coffee farmers, cafe customers and even competitors about how to all band together to make change. It’s quite common to find him picking through rubbish bins to make sure everything is heading into the correct waste stream. He’s also a knowledge sharer who isn’t looking for the limelight, he’s focused on meaningful change. He worked for weeks on the company’s inaugural Sustainability Report in 2016, the first in the coffee industry in NZ.

Mike’s dedication to sustainability is paramount.  He has stuck to his values even through some serious financial hardship because he knew that waste minimisation, fairer trading and organics was the only sustainable future for NZ (and the world). He’s spoken about his journey on many occasions in order to influence or support others on that same difficult journey. Every morning at Kōkako coffee he reinforces that message – there is a better way, you just need to find it or help someone else develop it!