NZAgbiz diverts waste from Fonterra and other dairy manufacturers. It re-works this into animal nutrition products. Any excess is sold as ingredients for stock feeds, soaps and bio fuels. This waste material is not suited for human consumption. It would normally end up as landfill waste. It includes ‘downgrade products’ such as powder, butter, cheese and cream cheese. It also includes products like oversized sifter particles, fine powder particles and cheese trims. NZAgbiz turns this into calf milk replacers CMRs, pig products and specialist animal health supplements. These include probiotics, colostrum powder and electrolyte replacements.

NZAgbiz also recycles plastic, metal and paper packaging. For example, the company takes the infant formula that cannot be released to market, de-cans it and recycles everything, from the plastic lid to the plastic scoop and aluminium seal. The tin is crushed into slabs of aluminium for collection and recycling.