Our Land of Milk and Honey

Our Land of Milk and Honey is a certified organic dairy farm as well as an apiary and market garden. It is located on the lower foothills of Maungatautari in the Waikato region and has been farmed by the same family for almost a century.

For decades the farm was run as a conventional dairy operation. In 2009 the farm started transitioning to an organic certification. The case for organics stacked up economically, environmentally and socially, as the organics model has people, land and animals at its heart.

Sowing diverse species into pasture has benefited the cows’ health, milk production and soil, as well as decreasing nitrate leaching. Transitioning 13 hectares of marginal land into 10 hectares of native wetland regeneration has increased biodiversity. The introduction of bees has increased pollination for both the pasture and regeneration of native species.

The farm worked with Greenhouse Cleantech in 2014 to create a roadmap to get to a 2020 goal of having an innovation-driven, high-value sustainable agricultural practice. Since then, the farm has consulted with EnviroStrat to quantify changes in environmental impact.