Prima Roastery

Prima Roastery is a locally-owned and operated Christchurch coffee roastery. It is working hard to close the loop on the waste from its operations. Since 2011 it has been packaging coffee in New Zealand’s first compostable coffee bags. Then, in response to the growing need to find solutions to single-use products it stopped offering take-away cups from its Woolston espresso bar. Following that, it started its own composting trials in a farm on Leeston. With over a year of practice and some larger trials under its belt, it now offers a return service to customers, turning their coffee packaging waste into compost.

Prima Roastery is working with café clients to collect their green waste, used packaging and compostable take-away cups for processing back to soil. The company’s aim is to show other businesses that it’s possible and practical to take responsibility for your own outputs with a hands on approach.