Red Stag Timber

Red Stag Timber has installed a new wood waste biomass boiler. This converts wood waste to steam, which is used to generate electricity. Since the commissioning of the new turbine, Red Stag is able to use its timber waste to provide all of its own electricity needs and is now a net exporter to the national grid.

Red Stag Timber’s ‘supermill’ at Waipa processes more than 1 million tonnes of timber each year. The sawmill optimises recovery and quality from each log to minimise waste. But there are still major waste streams of wood biomass totalling over 100,000 tonnes per year. This is made up of bark, sawdust, shavings and wood block offcuts.

Red Stag uses its three biomass boilers to convert all the wood waste to high pressure superheated steam. This steam is fed to two steam turbines to generate electricity. The steam is extracted from the turbines at a lower pressure and is fed to the site’s timber drying kilns, where the steam is condensed, providing the process energy required to dry the large volumes of timber produced by the supermill.

In addition, the ash waste from the production of the boilers is now being used for sustainable fertiliser in market gardening, further minimising waste and environmental impacts.