Wanaka based design business Revology has a strong commitment to innovation, sustainability and circular design. Its first chair on the market is made to last. The technology makes sustainable natural fibre parts as strong as fibreglass and lighter than carbon fibre.  This replacement of fossil fuel based composite materials could transform the industry.

Revology chose a bio-based resin for the seat, flax fibre composites for the legs and backrest, and recycled brass to assemble the parts together. During manufacturing, any waste material is recycled into inserts needed in the tubes of the legs.

The chair is modular, and capable of evolving over time. The chair seat and lumbar support come off with the twist of a key.  If the seat is damaged, it can be sent back for a new one, with the old one being recycled. You can change the seat for a different look.  The legs are also replaceable. It’s a great example of waste being ‘designed out’ from the start.