Ricoh NZ

Ricoh’s product stewardship scheme takes back toners, toner bottles, e-waste and end of life machines. The company is also making its machines lighter, smaller and more recyclable.

Since 2015 Ricoh has provided all its clients with a free toner recycling scheme, as well as a platform to recycle e-waste and end-of-life machines. Working with Croxley Recycling in Auckland, this has enabled Ricoh to send 99.9% of its used machine materials for recycling.

Croxley also provides Ricoh with the ability to clean and recycle toner bottles. Waste toner is reused in commercial paint or put into a waste-to-energy process. More than 8,000 customer sites are signed up to Ricoh’s Free Toner Recycling Scheme.

To date the company has recovered or recycled more than 834 tonnes of e-waste. It has recycled 493 tonnes of toner cartridges and 7,856 Ricoh machines.