For the past three years engineering teams from solarcity and Panasonic have worked together to develop the solarZero energy services platform. This is lowering the cost of solar power.

The solarZero energy service integrates batteries and Internet of Things (device control) functionality. It is one of the first of its kind internationally. It improves the resilience and stability of the national grid and helps avoid costly network upgrades.

In 2016 only 10% of solarZero installations included a battery for power storage. Now all solarZero systems come with a battery pack and a platform that helps deal with the intermittency of solar power. The service is available in all metropolitan areas and is being rolled out to the provinces.

To increase the uptake of solar and batteries, solarZero has removed the product and installation costs. It is now easier and more affordable for Kiwi homeowners to make the switch to cleaner, cheaper and more reliable power.