State of Grace

State of Grace is a sustainable funeral company, offering compassionate and family-centred care at the time of a death.

The company is women-owned and operated. It involves family and community in every aspect of the funeral, which is very empowering. This contrasts with the traditional approach in the industry, which is to hand over the process to a funeral company. State of Grace considers the environmental and emotional impact of all aspects of its care.

State of Grace has a policy of not routinely embalming, choosing instead to use a cool room or cooling packs. Its embalming rate is only 4%, which contrasts with 92% in the funeral industry, using thousands of litres of chemicals. State of Grace minimises its use of plastic. It uses unbleached calico and wool, and local caskets. It encourages the use of rental coffins to reduce the number of coffins cremated.

State of Grace also focuses on education, speaking to interested groups at no cost. It believes that no matter which company a family chooses to work with, people should be aware of choices and alternatives. It currently cares for 650 families a year at three branches in Auckland.