Tahi is a sanctuary for both people and wildlife near Whangarei. It was purchased in 2004 as a run-down cattle farm. Since then, sustainable management principles have been used to restore the ecological and cultural heritage of the land. A high-end, international honey range and ecotourism fund projects based around ‘4Cs’ – culture, conservation, community and commerce. Tahi is carbon neutral and biodiversity positive. All profits directly fund wetland and dune restoration and pest control programmes.

Tahi supports Bees in Schools, community planting initiatives and local Iwi. Thirteen wetlands have been restored, ranging from small to over 2 hectares in size. Native fish and more than 70 bird species have returned to the area.  More than 310,000 indigenous trees have been planted, with an onsite nursery. Tahi partners with over 200 landowners for beehive placement, hosts regular school planting groups, and includes neighbouring properties in pest control.