Te Whangai Trust

Te Whangai Trust is a social enterprise that provides employment training for long-term unemployed people and at-risk youth at a native plant nursery.

The organisation’s mission is to ensure disadvantaged people can create opportunities for growth while contributing their skills to the local community and environment.

Founded 10 Years ago, Te Whangai Trust now has training hubs located in Miranda, Glenbrook, Pukekohe and Mt Roskill. These hubs have helped 1200 people increase their numeracy and literacy levels, financial capability, relationships and parenting skills. Over 1300 people have successfully undertaken court-directed community service work through Te Whangai. A pilot project focusing on high-risk offenders revealed 73% of those participating in Te Whangai’s planting programme did not re-offend.

Te Whangai has built four nurseries which have grown and planted more than a million native trees.

Te Whangai Trust is a finalist in the Restoring Nature category of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards