In 2014, TerraCycle partnered with Colgate New Zealand to make all brands of oral care products recyclable nationally. Since then it has run several competitions for schools and households to raise community awareness and participation in this recycling initiative.

In just five years the Oral Care Recycling Programme has diverted close to half a million pieces of waste from landfill. This includes toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and dental floss containers. Together TerraCycle and Colgate have helped raise $70,000 in donations and prizes for New Zealand schools and charities including the RSPCA, Women’s Refuge and Cancer Society. Last year, 650 schools participated in the Colgate Community Garden Challenge – a programme designed to encourage gardening and healthy eating as well as the recycling of ‘non-recyclable’ waste. The two winning schools were equipped with community garden sets worth more than $4000.

They currently have more than 1,700 collection teams taking part in this programme, involving 100,000 New Zealanders from all corners of the country. TerraCycle hopes to inspire more brands to ‘partner for good’ for recycling.