The Formary

The Formary established the Textile Reuse Programme in 2016, an inventive collaboration between industry, government and social enterprise. It deals with one of the most environmentally impactful industries – clothing and textiles.  The programme is building a macro system for large volumes of unwanted clothing and textiles, to loops clothing resources back into production and out of landfill.

The Textile Reuse Programme is implementing scanning technology to enable commercial scale sorting. It is developing a digital platform to provide traceability, transparency, metrics and financial data on material flows and environmental impacts.

The digital platform monitors material flows and environmental impacts. Each kilo of textiles consigned to landfill releases 3.6kg of greenhouse gases as it decomposes. For every kilo of textiles recycled, more emissions are saved than from paper, plastic, and glass recycling combined.

The programme is currently at pilot scale, testing the system, implementing new technology and ironing out any glitches before scaling to commercial operation in 2020. The commercial pathways and results tracking will change behaviours long term.

In the last 12 months through community reuse alone, the programme has saved more than 11,000 kg of carbon dioxide C02e and a million litres of water.