The Rubbish Trip

The Rubbish Trip is a zero waste roadshow run by the two ‘No-Waste Nomads’, Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince. Since July 2017 they have been travelling New Zealand full time, giving free presentations to schools, businesses and communities about how to reduce household waste.

The presentations are based on Hannah and Liam’s own research and experience, having lived since 2015 without a rubbish bin.

Their approach is to make it easy for people to change wasteful habits by providing simple, well-researched solutions and alternatives through different communication channels. They combine face-to-face interactions (workshops, presentations and market stalls) with online resources (such as regional shopping guides and recipe booklets). They use social media to share events and resources. They also write blog posts on issues such as zero waste grocery shopping.

So far The Rubbish Trip has given 200 talks to more than 10,000 people the length of New Zealand. It has 4,000 followers on Facebook and thousands of people have seen the regional shopping guides.