Toni Hogg, Green Cabs

General Manager of Green Cabs, Toni is tireless in her efforts to drive the company towards more sustainable operations. She has an ongoing and relentless enthusiasm for sustainability and education.

Toni doesn’t just approach sustainability from a marketing perspective, she truly lives, leads and inspires in all areas of sustainability. From compost bins at the office to supporting and promoting local businesses with similar values, Toni inspires change on a business, local and national level.

In the last 12 months alone, she’s introduced many sustainability initiatives to Green Cabs. This includes initiating co‐funding with EECA to pioneer a zero‐emission fleet.

Toni has worked to reduce the environmental impact of all business operations, and introduced car‐pooling within the head office. She has been involved in tree planting initiatives around the country, regularly liaising with other sustainable businesses. Toni motivates and succeeds by leading by example. You cannot help but be involved with her passion for the environment.

Toni Hogg is a finalist in the Sustainability Superstar category of the 2017 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards.